Change processes are complex, dynamic and full of conflict potential. The concentration on the daily business rarely provides enough space to continuously adjust to new situations and framework conditions. Coaching is restricted to certain time periods and primarily addresses functionally related aspects. The inside perspective increases the utilization of company-specific resources. In doing so, the focus is placed on optimizing or stabilizing operations and improving results. Accompanying the process with the implementation of the defined measures represents a special added value for the company.

Our service portfolio

  • Business plan
  • Pre-opening
  • Operation
  • Turnaround
  • Cooperation
CFB network AG: Implementation

Business plan

In which drawer do you keep your business plan?

CFB network AG define a business plan as a leadership and information document whose scope may strongly vary, depending on the company. The business plan essentially provides information about the general principle and vision, business model and environment, competition, organization and short and long-term financial planning. The business plan should live and be regularly adjusted. CFB network AG will support you in developing your own business plan, structure the information and consult you about on-going updates.


Development of a long-term, marketable business model. Definition of offers and infrastructure for specific target groups. Assessment of market situation and requirements, investment needs and presentation of the economic capacity of the business idea.


Do you want to securely guide your project through its start phase?

The stage right before opening is of extreme relevance for the successful position of the operation on the market. Depending on the project, this will take approximately six to twelve months. All relevant framework data of the project will be determined during this stage. The focus will be on economic aspects as well as strategic and specific operational elements. Project-relevant steps include specification of the pre-opening budget, development of a detailed marketing plan and acquisition of personnel. Contracts will be negotiated, insurance contracts concluded, approvals procured, and future prices determined. During this stage, it is essential to be able to rely on a partner with extensive experience.


Prompt realization of the specified positioning strategy and thereby assurance of an effectively successful market position and penetration.


Can you keep up with your goals?

The coaching is restricted to short time periods and primarily addresses functionally related aspects. In doing so, the focus is placed on optimizing or stabilizing operations and improving results. Paramount are an improvement of economic results thanks to targeted analyses of negative influence factors and their correction, effective removal of disruptive factors through specific process changes, professional evaluation of the situation based on profound knowledge of the relevant industry standards and the use of effective corrective methods as well as quality assurance through specific process optimization measures.


Support of the defined measures for long-term economic development of the company.


Do you have to act immediately and resolutely?

Change processes are complex, dynamic and full of conflict potential. We will help to drive and support restructuring and optimization measures in close cooperation with the principal, contact persons as well as legal authorities. Of central importance are a detailed analysis of the causes and suggestions of appropriate immediate measures, quick implementation of corrective measures and process support to secure the effectiveness as well as the presentation of a possible exit strategy.


Short-term earning power increase and medium-term securing of economic sustainability or a well-organised exit process.


Are you ready to cooperate?

One possible approach to grow innovative and investment power is an increased utilization of optimization potential outside of the company through cooperations. Project-management experience as well as the assumption of mediation and moderation function in conflict situations are essential aspects of professional support of the planning and realization process. Implementing cooperation primarily translates into encouraging hoteliers willing to cooperate in their endeavour and supporting them instrumentally.


Influencing companies as such that the service portfolios of the individual partners are coordinated in such a way that added value is created for all participants.

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